Our Network Safety

Your Safety is Our Priority

Your power and fibre are powered through networks that are owned and maintained by Infrastructure Solutions NZ (ISNZ) and Infrastructure Fibre Solutions NZ (IFSNZ).


Your ability to access the internet or your ability to get electricity could both be impacted if one of these networks is disrupted.  It might be fatal if a car collides with a transformer or if a digger damages underground lines. No matter the voltage, electricity lines may and does kill.  You must ask Infrastructure Solutions NZ for one or more of the following services if you want to work close to our underground electricity or fibre networks. This protects your safety by ensuring that you are aware of and adhere to safe working procedures.  Please email us on admin@isnzl.co.nz if you are planning on digging at any of the below locations:


Camelot Terraces

Chivalry Place

Woodglen Ridge

Selo Development

Kauri Residence

For a Close Approach Permit please contact BeforeUDIG or ISNZ directly on 0508 476 959 or email admin@isnzl.co.nz

Maps Coming Soon...

Our maps indicate the approximate location of our underground networks.  We actively encourage our whole team and contractors to be a safe place to work and that the public is safe. Everyone is encouraged, our team and contractors to keep both our workplace and the public safe.

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