About us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to make connectivity simple, accessible and personal for property developers and their residents. 

Our Values

We enable large scale projects that we design, build, own & operate.  Creating a stress-free connectivity experience for New Zealand.

Our History

A Personalised Touch in Property Development and Embedded Networks

Infrastructure Solutions originated as property developers.  We identified critical challenges within the electricity and fiber industry. The necessity to adhere to strict timelines and offer competitive pricing that aligns with clients’ expectations. Recognising this gap, we set out on a mission to provide a distinctive service to the marketplace.



Since 2021, we have been dedicated to supporting clients in large-scale projects. Our primary focus is to assist them in adhering to project schedules while offering a fair market price. The secret to our success lies in our personalised approach.  



How We Do It: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs
Our strategy revolves around making the process personal. We believe in understanding your project intimately. We visit your site, assess your specific requirements, and then customise our services to precisely match what you need. We adapt to fit your needs, ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your project requirements.

By prioritising this personalised methodology, we have consistently delivered on our promise of assisting clients in staying on schedule and optimising project costs, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.



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