Fibre Retailers on Our Network

We build and operate open networks, which means we allow all fibre, internet service providers (ISPs), companies to offer you their products and services using our open network.  Here is a list of retailers who supply our networks.  If your preferred services provider is not listed, they can email and we can set them up as a partner. 

Community Power is a unique innovative Social Enterprise company, supporting the communities we all live in.

Voyager is a New Zealand-owned broadband and communications provider. We’re the IT guys in the know.

Coming Soon… We provide essential Energy and Telco services that offer increasing benefits as your usage grows.

Coming Soon… We’re the ones who supply great value energy, broadband and mobile services to all kinds of Kiwi homes and businesses.

Coming Soon… Contact mobile is here. Get great savings on mobile
phone plans with whoever you call family.

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