EV Connected

Attract forward thinking residents

The world is embracing electric vehicles, and environmentally conscious individuals are making the switch. When you incorporate EV (electric vehicle) chargers into your development, you send a powerful message: you’re committed to sustainable living. This attracts eco-conscious tenants who appreciate modern amenities that align with their values.


That’s why we’ve incorporated EV charging stations into our business.  Not only can you find our EV connected stations around New Zealand, but we can support you in pre-designing these into your next development.


Enhanced Market Value

Convenient Charging


Tenant Satisfaction

Our Partnership with OpenLoop

You can now locate our first EV charger on OpenLoop.  We’ve partnered with OpenLoop because like us, they see a way forward to support New Zealand’s decarbonisation goals through the electrification of transport.   There are some restrictions in place for access to this charge.  Keep an eye out on this page for more updates!

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